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A new independent primary school is opening in Edinburgh. It will be the first Orthodox Christian Primary School in Scotland and the first Classical School in Scotland!

The school combines excellence in academic learning with the Christian Orthodox ethos. On this website you can find out many more details about our wonderful programme of learning. Opening our doors to students summer 2025.

High Standard of Education

As a classical school we believe that knowledge cannot be separated from skills. We return to a discipline-based, knowledge-based curriculum that aims to give children a basic understanding of the world around them. That knowledge enables them to think freely, critically and creatively.

We believe that with optimal teaching practices, each child can benefit from a rigorous, high-quality education. We put emphasis on the great books and works. Our school brings what is best to children so that we can bring out what is best in them. Every child deserves an education that will equip them to achieve their full potential.

A Joyful School

We combine a variety of teaching styles to accommodate for the many ways that children learn. Children were not designed by God to spend long days sitting quietly at a desk. They come with an eagerness to move around, to play, to interact, to explore, to discover. All of these are their skills for learning.

Our method of teaching uses all of these inclinations that children have - to ensure that the children get the most out of the school day. Childhood is a precious time of constant growth and developing in understanding. Not a moment of it should be wasted!

A Low-Tech School

The over-digitalisation of childhood is bringing with it a vast range or problems that we are only just now beginning to understand. We are seeing negative effects in children and young people including: lower mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience, a loss of social skills, and a serious reduction in play (which is children’s natural way of learning).

We also see that children are losing their ability to concentrate, to focus, and to develop interest in difficult tasks and subjects. They are losing their ability to make the effort that is necessary for any proper scholarly work.

As a low-tech school we create a space where children can flourish. We give them ample opportunity to interact with other children and adults, to discuss and debate. We show them that hard work and sustained effort bring their own reward, one that is much more wholesome. We bring play back into their everyday.

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An Orthodox Christian School

‘These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full’

– John 15:11

Our creator gave us a manual on how to maintain ourselves whole, happy and eternally successful. Our school ethos gives children the direction they need to be fulfilled individuals, happy fruitful members of their society, and to let their talents shine in the workplace. It aims them towards eternal communion with Him who is Good.

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