Saint Andrew's Orthodox Church School

Practical Problem Solving

Practical Problem Solving (PPS) is a class where children can practice useful practical skills for domestic life. They develop fine and gross motor skills, learn a range of techniques with which to solve practical problems, and have opportunity to practice new ways to express themselves. The activities of this class develop confidence in children by addressing risk aversion through skill development.

In a guided way children engage with problems that at first seem difficult and they develop the ability to find solutions to these. This process has been found to produce the ‘learning attitude’ in children: children develop sustained engagement, with deep focus, concentration and perseverance with challenging tasks – especially with complex problem solving.

Learning in this class includes the following elements:

  1. A course in woodwork

  2. Cooking

  3. Sowing, knitting and crochet

  4. Decoupage

  5. Work with clay