Saint Andrew's Orthodox Church School


The primary language used in our school will be English. Alongside this our students will study two foreign languages: Romanian and Greek. We have chosen these languages for two reasons:

  1. many of our school families are expected to be of Greek or Romanian descent. In the case that we have sufficient families enrolled to constitute another ethnic group, we can add a further language option (for example Russian).

  2. Alongside being spoken languages with utility to our student body both Greek and Romanian have particular academic value. They constitute excellent foundation for further learning in Classical Greek and Latin. Romanian is the closest living language to Latin, as of course modern Greek is the closest spoken language to Classical Greek. Both of these languages prepare learners to engage more naturally and intuitively with their counterpart in secondary school.

Our teaching of modern languages follows the programme laid out by the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Students begin learning a second language (English counting as the first language) roughly halfway through primary 1 and take up a third language in primary 5.

The benchmarks for learning that we use are produced by Education Scotland as part of the Curriculum for Excellence framework.