Saint Andrew's Orthodox Church School

School Fees

Annual Fees for 2024-2025

Our fees for 2024-2025 are set at five thousand pounds per student per annum. These are paid each term. Families that have more than one child attending the school simultaneously are given a discount. The first child is charged 100% of their fees, the second child pays 75%, the third child is discounted to 50%, a fourth child pays 25%, and any subsequent children can attend the school for free.

Children in School Child/Term Child/Year Family/Term
1st Child £1,667 £5,000 £1,667
2nd Child £1,250 £3,750 £2,917
3rd Child £834 £2,500 £3,751
4th Child £417 £1,250 £4,168
5th or more Free Free £4,168


Please ensure that each installment is paid in full before the start of each term. Fees should be paid by direct debit to the school account.


We do not wish that any child will miss out on a wholesome Christian education because they cannot afford it. Our school does its best to offer bursaries to families that require them. Bursaries are means-tested, and the amount that we have available each year will vary. If you wish to be considered for a bursary please indicate this when you complete the application form. For more details please contact us with your questions at: