Saint Andrew's Orthodox Church School


We are delighted that you are considering our school for the education of your children.

Admission Policy

Child plays piano In the first instance interested families should make an application using the form at the bottom. We will contact you and arrange for a family interview. At the interview we discuss the ethos of the school with you and check if our school would be the best place for your children.

We are an Orthodox Christian school and we hold dear to the values of our Church. The school is open to families of all faiths and none, as long as parents understand the character of the school and are enthusiastic about their children receiving a Classical Orthodox Christian education.

Following the interview, if your child is offered a place at the school, we ask that potential students take a placement test. We do not select our students based on academic ability. This test will not affect child’s place of offer. The purpose of the test is to identify how the child will fit into our school’s learning programme. If a child is identified as being behind the average level of their class, then we may recommend areas where the child needs to catch up on their learning.

Please be aware that since we are a small school with limited resources, it is not always possible for us to accommodate learners with special needs. It is our aim, in the future, as we grow the school, to expand our ability to take children of all abilities. However, as things are at the moment, we do not want to accept a child if it will not be possible for us to support them to achieve their best potential. If your child has a learning difficulty, please indicate this on your application form. We consider each case individually and in conversation with the family. We will do our best to accommodate for all children where it is possible to do so well.

We are a full-time primary school and children benefit the most from our curriculum when they study it as a totality. However, are happy to support home-schooling families by offering them a flexi-schooling option. If you are interested in this, please get in touch with us by email and we can discuss how we can make an arrangement work that will be profitable to your family.

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